Marketing & Branding Strategies

Strategic Marketing Plan

A strategic marketing plan is a specialized strategy that leverages the strengths of your organization when introducing something new, entering a new market, responding to a new business opportunity, or trying to fix an existing problem. It includes a situational analysis and a tactical plan to take you where you want to go.

Marketing Training Sessions

A marketing training session focuses on a particular aspect of marketing your business and provides hands-on, practical applications and examples that you can put into practice to improve your marketing efforts.

Brand Assessment

A brand assessment explores your organizational strengths in creating, communicating, living, measuring, managing and extending your brand. It includes an evaluation of your current positioning along with an action plan indicating how you can improve your branding efforts.

Collateral Reviews

A collateral review examines your current collateral with suggestions and options for improvement.

Growth Strategies

A growth strategy provides you with an action plan specifically designed for your business enabling you to succeed in growing your business. It begins with identifying achievable growth objectives and then defining a tactical plan to meet these objectives within your particular business environment.