Business Planning

Strategic Planning

A strategic planning session establishes an organizational direction for a predetermined period of time, creates an action plan for how to get you there and generates a determinant to assess when you’ve arrived.

Business Cases, Business Plans and Marketing Plans

Need help building a business case to support your project proposal? Require a business plan for your start-up? Creating a marketing plan for your yearly planning sessions? We can assist you in creating a compelling business case, a solid business plan, or a winning marketing plan.

Sales Cycle Tune-ups

A sales cycle tune-up analyzes your current sales process including the strengths and weaknesses of how you manage your customer relationships from lead retrieval to repeat sales and presents recommendations for improvements.

Organizational Development Consulting

Organizational development involves the design and implementation of strategies that maximize your team and organizational effectiveness. From assessing your current organizational culture and its impact on performance to aligning organizational systems with your strategic direction, we can help you through the process of cultural and organizational transformation. Find the ‘best practices’ for your organization.

Business Assessments

A business assessment identifies the critical issues facing your company and offers recommendations for improvement. This assessment may involve business strengths and weaknesses, business operations, organizational structure and responsibilities and marketing and sales efforts.