Research & Analysis

Program Assessment and Evaluation

A program evaluation report provides you with essential decision-making feedback. The systematic application of qualitative and/or quantitative methods will assess the design, implementation, improvement or outcomes of your program.

Educational Program Development

Programs are developed on the basis of organizational need, and a full spectrum of training solutions are available including workshops, training brochures, web-based training. Educational consultants will help tailor the program to your company and employee needs.

Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study provides an overview of the primary issues related to a business idea. The study identifies any “make or break” issues that would prevent your business idea from being successful in the marketplace.

Market Analysis

A market analysis substantiates whether adequate demand for your new product or service exists. It identifies your target markets, your competitive situation and other factors critical to the success of your new product or service.

Focus Groups, Surveys and Interviews

(Qualitative and Quantitative)
You may require focus groups, surveys and interviews in a wide variety of situations ranging from issue resolution to customer satisfaction and new business generation. Whether you are seeking qualitative or quantitative information your results will be presented in a clear and actionable manner.

Product Evaluation Studies

A product evaluation study quickly identifies the market viability of a new product or service. A must have in new product or service development we will work within Stage-gate® or your preferred product development process.